Pole Dance Classes



Pole Principles: Orientation

  • This class is all about welcoming you to your new studio!  With an orientation overview of all types of classes offered, you will get to try a little bit of everything in this class.  This class is required prior to taking most pole dance drop in classes.  Simple moves and terminology are covered in a fun and sexy environment.
  • 2 Credits


Coy & Confident: Beginner Spins and Transitions 

  • Work on different walks, transitions from spins to the ground, from the ground back up to the pole, & from spin to spin, giving you the confidence you need between tricks, and culminating in a simple routine.
  • 2 Credits


Lush Level 1

  • Each week, students will learn at least 1 spin, 1 beginner level trick, and 1 transition to put together into their own sequence.  At the end of every class, students will put their sequence to music at their own pace.  This class is focused on beginner level moves and will share 2 girls to a pole. 
  • 1 Credit


Shelly’s PolePlay Beginner Level 1

  • Come build a solid pole foundation as you learn the fundamentals of PolePlay. Watch your confidence, determination, endurance, mental and physical fitness grow as you build your personal library of techniques, transitions and sultry movements. Come learn from Shelly’s “bag of tricks” and learn what works best for you as you begin to develop your own style and favorite moves. Each student will be able to track their progression on a skills checklist.
  • 2 Credits



Twirl & Twerk: Static Pole

  • Learning ways to move around the pole in a sensual way is vital for any pole dancer.  This class will teach you static pole spins and transitions that keep you craving more.
  • 2 Credits 


Seductive Swirl: Spin Pole

  • Ever wonder how ice skaters twirl with the greatest of ease?  This class will teach you how to master your momentum while seductively dancing up the spinning pole.
  • 2 Credits


Tricks & Strength Building


Tricks & Technique

  • One of the most sought after moves is the inverted-V.  This class will build your strength to tackle the tricks everyone loves.  You will consistently learn ways to evolve them from the ground up. 
  • 2 Credits


​Intermediate/Co-Ed Tricks & Technique

  • This co-ed class will focus on intermediate strength tricks. Inversions will be the focus of each session with different holds on the pole. New techniques will be given to successfully invert body weight and hold suspended.  
  • 2 Credits


Shelly’s PolePlay Beginner Level 2 

  • This class is the next level up, literally! You’ll be climbing to new heights and poling new paths. Now that you’ve advanced from PolePlay Level 1, it’s time to add new techniques while continuing to perfect those already learned. Have fun tracking your progression as you complete the moves needed to graduate to the intermediate level.
  • 2 Credits



Sexy pole & floorplay

  • You're sexy and you know it! So get ready for some fun and fitness all at the same time. This class combines sexy floor-play and sensual pole moves for an erotic workout. You will lengthen and tone muscles through slow and sultry movements to help you build a toned, limber and luscious body!
  • 2 Credits


Flexibility & Yoga Classes

Sexy Splits

  • Flexibility is key to many moves.  Sexy splits will focus on pushing you past your flexibility limits and into new horizons.
  • 1 Credit


Core Yoga

  • This class has all the essentials of a traditional vinyasa flow yoga class while building that core strength. We will use our breath and body to flow into each pose. All levels welcome.
  • 1 Credit


Other Irresistible Classes



Fluid Floor

  • Love to dance on the pole but never know what to do once you land on the floor?  Fluid floor will teach you how to transition down to the floor, along the floor, and how to get up like a goddess.
  • 1 Credit


Chair Dance


Cheeky Chair

  • Cheeky chair will combine the burlesque of chair tease with the challenges of pole tricks.  Floorwork is also focused on to give a full body workout.
  • 2 Credits




Radioactive Rump

  • Be ready to pop, lock, and drop it in this hard-core booty class.  UV reactive clothes are suggested as we shake it up in the dark!  
  • 1 Credit




Cirque Circuits

  • Shake up your normal training routine with Cirque Circuit. In this intense Cirque-ette training, you will keep your heart rate up while rotating through a series of exercises that will challenge you physically and mentally. It’s going to be a FBE – full body experience head to toe. So get ready to challenge your strength, balance and cardio while toning your pole fitness body.  
  • 1 Credit


Line Dance


Lively Line

  • Heart racing, fist pumping, non-stop line dancing.  Dance your legs off in this 45 minute cardio class.  With songs such as Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Blurred Lines, etc!

  • 1 Credit


Line Level 1

  • During this hour class, line dances will not have tags or restarts. They will vary from ultra beginner to intermediate depending on the needs of the students. If you have seen a dance while social dancing at a local venue that you want to learn, you may request the dances that you would like to learn or fine tune. 
  • 1 Credit


Open Practice


Flirty Freestyle 

  • Need to work on a move that you learned but don't have a pole at home?  Want to stretch but don't have the motivation with the couch right next to you?  Need some me time to just dance it out? Come to Flirty Freestyle to focus on these tantalizing tasks.
  • 1 Credit



* Classes must be registered in advance online.  For more information on registering for a class, please visit the "Schedule" tab.


Lush Pole Fitness


937 E Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511

Voicemail: (813) 654-3311

E-mail: info@lushpolefitness.com


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"This is a very fun sexy dance studio in Brandon, FL. I was instantly welcomed when I arrived. The studio is clean and has shiny dance/fitness poles. The owner, Lush Lisa, is very upbeat and explains moves at many levels with the greatest analogies I've ever heard. I took sever classes and all were different and focus towards the attendees. All ages, levels, and body shapes were dancing along with Lisa and everyone was smiling and laughing out loud. If this studio were a bit to far out of my way I would come here every night. I had a great workout (my legs and arms are sore) and I had a generally all around happy night."



"My first class I was a complete and total mess but Lisa(owner/instructor) through compassion and encouragment made me feel welcome and I'm proud to say lush pole fitness is my second home and all the girls there have become my family ."



"I have to admit that I was extremely nervous about taking Coy & Confident with Katie, but she was so great and took her time with each of the students to help us feel more comfortable with the pole. Since then, I have taken several more classes with her and am even looking into taking different classes throughout the week! As someone who hates working out, this is a great way for me to trick myself into being active. It's almost too fun!"



"I love Lush!! I have a reason to get out of the house and not chase my 3 kids around. I'm getting back in shape and feeling sexy again! If it weren't for my friends and hubby talking me into going to my first class I would still be walking around in baggy clothes and not feeling sexy. Thank you Lush and Lisa!!!"



"Lush Pole is a great place to feel good about yourself and it makes you feel sexy. This place is for anyone that wants to stay fit and meet great people." 



"Awesome Pole Party the instructors were great!!! I have so much respect for the professionals, it's hard work and it's definitely worth taking a class. I will definitely be taking another class♡♡♡"


"Last nights spin class was super fun! I've taken pole for over a year and a half and Lisa keeps making everything fresh and fun."



"Love to line dance at Lush Pole Fitness. The floor and mirrors are excellent. Sound system in great. Parking is convenient. Plaza has several places to eat. Non-smoking studio is pleasing. Right on main highway (60) so easy to find. Variety of classes to choose from 7 days a week. I enjoyed Lisa's Pole Principles class. She was easy to follow."



"I was almost afraid to walk in the first night. It is amazing how quickly my confidence has grown along with my strength. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging that I very quickly felt at home. I look forward to every class I take."



"Started with groupon and never looked back! Love every class and the strength and confidence that I have received from attending class!"



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