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Welcome to Lush Pole Fitness

Lush Pole Fitness is a pole dance fitness center that teaches you how to become strong, confident, and sexy.  Group classes are offered teaching a variety of pole dance, chair dance, line dance, yoga & strength classes


Our Mission:

To embody strength, confidence, and sexiness by providing a welcoming getaway with taboo and eccentric fitness based classes.


Get Started


To begin classes at Lush Pole Fitness, you will want to register for Pole Principles class.  It is a one time pre-requisite class which will give you all of the information on what classes you will want to take next!  You can find this class on our online scheduler here:


If your schedule does not permit you to come to Pole Principles class, you can chose to complete a 15 minute / $15 New Student Orientation/Registration instead.  Availability for these appointments can be found here:


Many commonly asked questions can be answered here:


New Student Specials

Option A: $45 (ends 12/31)


Over 71% off regular class prices (Value of $200).


12 Drop-in Class Credits


$50 Off Party


**Must be used within 1 month of purchase.  Offer valid for new students only. Cannot be combined with any other voucher based deal/promotion.

Option B: $55 (ends 12/31)


Over 82% off regular class prices (Value of $360).


24 Drop-in Class Credits


$50 Off Party


**Must be used within 1 month of purchase.  Offer valid for new students only. Cannot be combined with any other voucher based deal/promotion.

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Sexy Secret Santa: Pole Jam

Come try new things and chill out during the holiday week!  
This pole jam will focus on having joyful fun while playing a sexy version of secret santa!  Everyone will pick a trick/spin/floorwork out of the santa hat and get to learn it that night!
Have a few moves that you have been wanting to learn, bring those ideas too! 
Current Students: $15
New Students: $20 (covers $15 New Student Registration!)


Previous Events

Lush Ladies Night Out: Cirque du Chill

We took a field trip over the bridge to see a spectacular Cirque event at Chillounge Night.  


There will be many more girls' nights to come and hope you will join us!


Find them at 


The scoop on Lush Level 1: Drop-in vs Session Class

Are you ready to make your pole journey even more awesome? A lot of you have been asking me what the difference is between Lush Level 1 Drop in class and the new session to enroll in in January. So here is how they compare and differ:

LL1D= Lush Level 1 Drop-in class 
LL1E= Lush Level 1 enrollment


LL1D drop in any week for 45 mins of practice. Reserve spot in class 1 at a time on the "Drop-in class" tab
LL1E enroll for 1 full month at a time on found seperately on the "Session Classes" tab

LL1D 45 mins
LL1E 75 mins (more time to focus on the monthly moves before moving on to the next month, also more time for dancing and stretching at end of each class)

LL1D up to 12 students per class (can change each week)
LL1E up to 6 students only who will be with you the full month (and maybe longer)

LL1D 2 Credits per 45 minute class (starting 1/2015) [approximately $104 for a month of credits]
LL1E $150 per month of weekly 75 minute classes

LL1D 1 Level available
LL1E can advance to level 2 and 3 sessions

Are you ready to rock out these moves in our first Lush Level 1 session?

Trick: Climb
Spin: Fireman spin
Transition: Standing body waves
Floorwork: Clock legs/chasers

Register here:



View Online Schedule on MindBody Connect Below

Take me to the schedule Click here to see full online schedule and appointment availability



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Lush Pole Fitness


937 E Brandon Blvd, Brandon, FL 33511

Voicemail: (813) 654-3311